A little heart warrior can now have his laboratories completed

The little boy named Sky is a twin to another little boy. His brother is in better health, but Sky has been diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), Noonan Syndrome, and undescended testis. He would need open heart surgery among others. The operations themselves are already very expensive but before even reaching that stage, Sky has to go through series of laboratory tests first.

Sky’s mother has reached out to us seeking for financial assistance so she can have Sky tested further. In addition, she was hoping to buy maintenance medicines, vitamins, and home oxygen for her little heart warrior as he goes through his battle.

Here is what the mother has to say:

“Thank you for always sharing your blessings with the people who are in need. Stay safe!”

“…next week [we’ll] confirm the schedule of his 2d echo. So far Baby Sky is doing well and we bought him his maintenance, his milk and diapers. We also bought him new clothes. Also we bought him his oxygen, for home use. Thank you so much for your help.”

As of 2015, 5 to 10 incidences of CHD were recorded for every 1000 births in the Philippines where Sky is from. We are hopeful that our donation could help him overcome his sickness and we look forward for him to have a healthier life ahead.

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