A man who got into an accident just had his spine surgery paid off

A well-meaning friend reached out to us because his pal got into a car accident. Ipyana Mbale from Malawi sent an application saying that his friend, Brighton, already had his spine operated but the doctor’s fees were not fully paid yet. Part of the medical bill was settled because other friends gathered together and raised some money.

Still recovering from the operation and despite his hardship, Brighton only requested us to pay his surgeon who had been good to him, nothing more. Inspired by his friends, we can’t help but take part.

Here’s what they have to say:

Ipyana: “May God really bless the Project Nightfall for the the great work you have done. We, brother James and I, very thankful for this may God really bless you.”

Brighton: “Thank you very much [to] the entire organization, Project Nightfall Philanthropy, for selecting me I don’t take it for granted, May God continue blessing you. This is a great relief to me on my medical bill.”

We wish Brighton continues to recover and that his worries are lessened now that his neurosurgeon is about to get paid. We are proud that he has big-hearted friends who look after his welfare and even went an extra mile to reach us – just like our ever supportive Nightfam who are there through thick and thin!

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