A mother longing sight for her daughter sees new light

Look around you and answer this: Will you still find the world beautiful…if your loved ones can’t see its beauty? This is the incredibly difficult question Baby Lyn has to confront because her daughter has been blind since birth.

Every day, Baby Lyn is witness to Sarah’s struggles, observing the little girl as she incessantly rubs her eyes and presses her head against the mattress in frustration. Although she wishes she could provide comfort and a cure for her four-year-old, she lacks the necessary resources to do so. “I don’t know what she’s feeling…but she’s moody because of her eyes,” Baby Lyn shares. Sarah, who is also unable to speak, relies solely on her body language to communicate.

Sarah is in need of maintenance medication, but her mother could barely afford to buy one. The young girl is supposed to have regular eye check-ups, but her last doctor’s visit was still two years ago!

The story of Sarah and Baby Lyn highlights their extraordinary strength and determination. However, they need a miracle to alleviate their mounting bills and give Sarah a chance at a normal life. In their darkest moments, the hope of a compassionate community like the Nightfam becomes their guiding light.

With Project Nightfall Philanthropy’s help, Sarah is finally able to have her eyes checked again! Additionally, we are providing Baby Lyn some capital to replenish her small business, with the hope that she can finance Sarah’s future medications.

“Thank you, thank you so much!” A teary-eyed Baby Lyn was almost speechless.

Nightfam, please remember Sarah’s story and let it serve as a reminder that even in life’s darkest moments, your support can shine a light. Thank you for standing by us!

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