A Palestinian refugee is given hope

O’deen and his family have endured years without a proper home. Originally from Palestine, they resided in another country where his mother got a job. However, being foreigners without permanent residency, they were eventually forced to leave. Returning to Palestine was challenging due to ongoing issues, leading them to seek refuge in Indonesia. Life has been even more arduous since their arrival.

As a refugee family, they face restrictions on employment and education, relying solely on relief aid or the assistance of compassionate individuals. Unfortunately, the situation worsened with the onset of the pandemic. It was during this difficult time that O’deen decided to give Project Nightfall Philanthropy’s Weekly 1000 a try. This initiative provided his family with a means of sustenance for the upcoming months while they awaited resettlement, a prospect they could only hope would come soon.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Thank you for your support! I can’t describe my feeling! This will help me and my family a lot… Again thank you so much this [is] life changing for us! We hope Project Nightfall [Philanthropy] continues their successful content.”

Nightfam, we are not doing this on our own! With your support, by watching our videos, you help us reach out to people like O’deen and many others who are in need – not only of basic things such as food or daily supplies, but also of hope that there are better days ahead.

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