Building homes, fulfilling dreams: Project Nightfall Philanthropy supports homeless single mothers

In the difficult yet fulfilling journey of parenthood, the desire to have your own home for the family is deep. Imagine, then, the strong hope of these single mothers facing homelessness, striving to create a safe place for their children. In the midst of a harsh economy, their earnings often fall short of fulfilling even the most basic household needs, let alone saving for a house!

Soon, however, this dream transforms into reality. In Ghana, Joymakers Navrongo, supported by Project Nightfall Philanthropy’s $1000 grant, is constructing homes. Six brave single mothers, once on the edge of uncertainty, are about to finally find solace in a place they will proudly call home—a nurturing haven where their family’s laughter will echo, and love will flourish.

Nightfam, your support contributes to the relief these women are about to experience. Through your generosity, we’re spreading love and care, turning compassion into action.

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