Project Nightfall Philanthropy is giving students tables and chairs to help boost their confidence and willingness to learn!

“I believe that the funding from Project Nightfall Philanthropy will go a long way to support learners, not only learners but the district as a whole. The support for chairs and tables, that children will be able to put their writing items on and write. It will boost their confidence it will boost their literacy level. This and many blessings we’re asking from you. Thank you.” -Miriam Benyarku, Early Childhood Coordinator

It’s easy to take simple things for granted. Like chairs and tables for example. Now imagine that there are classrooms in this world where kids need to sit on the ground. Imagine little kids trying to copy from the blackboard onto the notebook, with a bent spine, slouched shoulders, and struggling to write! This public school in Ghana has been doing this for a few years now… BUT NOT ANYMORE! The Project Nightfall Philanthropy is here to help them!

It’s undeniable that children are the future. That is why they deserve every possible tool to support their education. Especially something as basic as a chair and a table. It’s beautiful, Nightfam, that because you watch our videos we are able to make these simple but important dreams come true! Thank you for your support and remember that every single week we choose the members of our community for our Weekly1000 causes. Love you!

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