Project Nightfall Philanthropy is helping a single mother finally do something for herself!

To say that Isabelle De Lentdecker has gone through a lot in life is an understatement. A single mother of 3, a survivor of domestic abuse, and recently diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular illness making it difficult for her to walk, Isabella bravely fought through every hardship just to raise her children.

For now, her only wish is to finally do something for herself and to be able to do things on her own. With your help, Nightfam, we have enrolled her a year’s worth of sculpting classes and are having her scooter repaired so she can easily travel to her classes!

She shared, “I enrolled in this art class for a year… I’ve never sculpted in my life but I did it. It gave me so much peace and I didn’t have to think about money issues, health issues, etc. I love creating stuff and sculpting class does that for me. Wow! I’m really really happy and grateful!”

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