From Trash to Treasure: Project Nightfall Philanthropy Partners with Indonesian Environmental Hero

As a child, Singgih enjoyed the beauty of his village – he played in the pristine rivers and clean streets. But as time passed, he witnessed his once-thriving home transform into a community full of scattered trash! A sad story he had to share with Project Nightfall Philanthropy.

To him, such a state of his home is not acceptable. So Singgih set up a low-cost garbage disposal service called Gerbeku that served households, schools, and local businesses. Singgih distributed free trash bins and cleaned public spaces together with his team. However, he faced the challenge of sustaining the service without burdening the community with higher fees.

Singgih’s innovative solution was to turn organic waste into fertilizer which only a specialized machine can produce efficiently. However, financial constraints threatened this plan.

Believing in his mission, Project Nightfall Philanthropy stepped in to sponsor the acquisition of the organic chopper machine. With this, Singgih can already produce organic fertilizer and supply them to local farmers.

This partnership brought environmental and economic benefits and ensured that Singgih could maintain affordable service fees for the community. We are oroud to be part of this effort, Nightfam! Together, let’s make a cleaner, more livable world.

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