These girls were banned from school but we’re not letting them give up their dreams!

Have you ever wished for something desperately, only to have the world deny it to you simply because of your GENDER? If your answer is “NO”, then you are incredibly lucky. Because for at least 1.1 million women and girls in this country, the problem exists!

Nearly two years ago, all were left in shock as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. The consequences were devastating, with lives lost and survivors left with nowhere to turn. Amidst the chaos, a significant casualty went unnoticed: education.

“Currently, we’re banned from schools and universities which limit[s] our access to education,” shared a girl who experiences this firsthand.

Azar*, a compassionate individual who believed in the right of these girls to receive an education, took action together with his friends.

“I can’t wait and sit when my sisters are banned from most academic places. I feel responsible for them…We are like a library…we lend books for free. Every week they can exchange their books,” Azar¬†shared. The group also organizes online classes and workshops.

And with your support, Nightfam, they are not stopping there. Through our donation, they can expand their library and will fund more scholarship workshops and school lesson packages for college applications abroad. These will benefit hundreds more girls!

“We have to study, we have this right and we will fight for this right. We will not disappoint, we will not lose hope. This nightmare will be over one day,” said another girl.

Let us hold onto the hope that this day will arrive soon because, as the saying goes, when you educate a girl, you educate an entire generation. Thank you, Nightfam!

*Real name withheld.

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