War and hate have destroyed this village in Papua New Guinea, but love is helping them survive

Imagine being woken up from your sleep because of the loud screams of your neighbors…You step out and to your horror, you see some of their homes burning.

What do you do? There’s no time to waste, not even time to think. This nightmare became so real for Micah and his community in Papua New Guinea. Their village was attacked due to political tribal conflicts just a few months ago.

In an instant, 29 people were left homeless, with some even losing their loved ones.

“We got nothing. The only thing we did was we ran for our life…most of my family were killed. My aunties, my brother…I think seven of them were killed in that attack,” shared Micah in the interview.

The villagers found solace in nearby families who welcomed them as refugees. However, life on someone else’s land has been a constant struggle to make ends meet.Micah, a youth leader in his village, found inspiration by following our videos. When he learned about Project Nightfall Philanthropy’s Weekly 1000, he knew he could turn to his Nightfam for help. And he didn’t even ask for much, just a humble request for basic necessities: cooking materials and blankets. They asked for the bare minimum!

Nightfam, we can take immense pride in the strength of our community, rooted in being there for one another in times of need. When Micah and his community were on the verge of losing hope in a world ruined by hate, we stood together, reminding them that love and unity prevail over darkness.

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One thought on “War and hate have destroyed this village in Papua New Guinea, but love is helping them survive

  1. I just want to take this moment to appreciate your kindness to one of my country man, I am feeling confident that your good will can change our life’s.

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