More than 100 school children in Ghana will receive uniforms

A passionate teacher, Mr Desmond Kampoe, who treats his students as his own children has been actively working on improving his village’s school. He donated sanitary kits, then campaigned for classrooms to have desks. Now he’s taking it to another level with the goal of boosting the students’ sense of belonging through uniforms.

Class attendance has been a challenge so he thought, if children in uniforms are seen in their village, parents and their children who are not in school will be encouraged to attend classes too. With the $1000 from Project Nightfall Organization, he can have around 120 uniforms sewn by a local tailor.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Thank you so much, I am highly elated to hear this news…I promise to use the funds as intended and report back in details as soon as possible.”

At first glance a uniform seems to be a simple cause but to this small village, it represents hope for a bright future. It represents a group of youth eager to learn, eager to change their lives for the better. Thank you, Nightfam, for being a part of this.

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