Project Nightfall Organization is feeding 200 families in Pakistan for the rest of Ramadan

Ramadan is a beautiful practice in Islam, where all Muslims fast for a month to focus on their spiritual reflection and to honor and understand the reality of those who are poor and hungry. Every year, millions of Muslims feel grateful for what they have in life by experiencing hunger.

But with rising food prices, many Muslim communities are struggling to refuel after their fast.

“…a few women came from a village all the way by foot to our community center and there were no ration bags left to give to them.”

This is was what Wardah Noor, Founder of KhudKaar recently shared with us about families, women, children, that are coming to their youth center to ask for food assistance, especially this Ramadan period.

“Thank you! I’m feeling very happy right now… very excited to help more families and send the rations. I just want to thank the team for helping and supporting us to help the families in Layyah. A huge thanks to them [Project Nightfall Organization] because it’s a sort of underrepresented area and very few organizations reach there, so thanks for your help and I hope those families will be very happy to have this food for the rest of Ramadan.”

– Wardah Noor (Founder of KhudKaar)

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